Yaroslav Sumenkin

Why did you start climbing?
I started climbing after my mum saw me climbing trees. She then suggested I needed to try climbing with a friend of mine who had been training for a year.

How long have you been climbing?
Since 2013, which is when I started going to school.

Why do you climb?
I climb because this sport develops all muscle groups and keeps the body in good shape. Sport is health, it’s where I met a lot of great people. I can fulfil myself and the sport gives me many opportunities, including travelling the world.

What do you love about climbing?
I love everything about climbing, from the pain after training to winning competitions.

What is your biggest climbing success?
My biggest success is winning the Ukrainian Youth Championship and participating in the World Youth Championships.

What are your climbing goals?
My goal is to win the European Championships.

What is your biggest dream?
My dream is to become a cool climbing coach like my coach.

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